Additional Resources

The kit also includes a helpful list of suggested web and print resources for additional support and information on Ohio artwork and arts education. A complete glossary of the art concepts and vocabulary covered in the KIBA lessons is printed at the end of this kit.

Accompanying this binder is a write-protected DVD that will allow teachers to display the Know it by Art: Ohio images on a large scale in their classrooms. These image files can be projected on a Smartboard or computer monitor/projector to show the image details that might not be visible in the smaller, printed image.

We hope that teachers will share their experiences and ideas on the Know it by Art: Ohio website. It is our hope that the KIBA website will be a place for teachers to share images of student artwork, share thoughts about the lessons, and generate great ideas for teaching regional art. In the future, the website can host additional lessons, images, and links to the many web resources cited in the lessons.

A Note about Web Resources
Throughout the KIBA lessons, web links are provided for additional images and research opportunities. Since web content changes rapidly, please always check websites for age appropriateness before sharing with students. Many art-related websites contain nudes and controversial topics that may not be appropriate for all students.