Using the Lessons

Strategies for Using the Lessons

The 50 KIBA lessons are divided into five categories:
•    Artists—Works by artists who are from Ohio or who have had an impact on Ohio art
•    Artifacts—Historical artifacts with links to Ohio’s past, culture, and traditions
•    Architecture—Examples of the diverse and groundbreaking architecture found in Ohio
•    Outdoor Sculpture—Examples of public sculpture from around the state
•    Museum Collections—Highlights from the collections of Ohio’s great museums

Each lesson is centered on a masterpiece that is located here in Ohio, and each lesson features a map that indicates locations and key cities. While the 50 KIBA lessons are only a small sampling of Ohio’s rich art history, we have selected works that represent Ohio geographically, culturally, and historically.

Each of the 50 KIBA lessons contains:
•    full-color art images
•    an artist biography
•    an analysis and history of the artwork
•    discussion questions and answers
•    links to online art images for comparison and contrast
•    suggested connections to the other curriculum areas
•    an art project lesson
•    evaluation criteria

While these lessons are primarily intended for the visual art classroom, they will assist teachers in other disciplines, and they have a dynamic role to play in social studies and other classrooms.

Each lesson may be taught in its entirety going through the steps of:
•    viewing and studying the image and details
•    discussing biographical and historical information about the artist and artwork
•    using Perception and Analysis questions to think critically about the artist and the work
•    comparing and contrasting the work with other relevant works of art
•    creating the art project

As an alternative, teachers may choose only to analyze the works visually or focus on the historical and cultural background of the artist or work. This kit is not meant to be used exclusively, or always in its exact form. The lessons are flexible and easily customizable for use in different classrooms or collaborative teaching situations. The art selections and lessons can be a beginning point, with teachers altering their lessons to meet their students’ needs. Teachers may choose to use portions of lessons, or decide to alter the art project by having students use different materials.

The KIBA lessons are particularly suitable for 4th to 6th grade students or other students who are studying Ohio history, geography, and culture. However, the lessons are easily customizable for different grades and ages. Many of the art projects suggest project modifications that can be made for older or younger students.


Customizing Lessons around Chronology, Themes, and Art Project Media

Some teachers may choose to organize KIBA lessons around chronological/historical information or by lesson theme, grade level, or art project media and materials. To facilitate this customization, in the back of the kit there are charts that outline the exact time period, lesson theme, grade level suitability, and project media of each lesson.