About Know It By Art: Ohio

Vision and Mission

In his book, A Whole New Mind, author Daniel Pink says: “If we really want to prepare kids for the workplace of the future, we’ve got to make sure that we’re working the left sides and right sides of their brains.”

Pink and others have taken a close look at what it takes to excel in today’s complex world, and they have found that the qualities of inventiveness, creativity, and empathy are becoming key to future success. These typically right-brain qualities are nurtured and strengthened by arts education. At a time when arts programs are being cut from schools in astonishing numbers, it is more important than ever that educators find ways to promote the arts in their schools.

The mission of Know it by Art: Ohio (KIBA) is to foster and advance the arts in Ohio schools by teaching the Visual Arts Academic Content Standards to students in elementary and middle school through engaging lessons that feature diverse examples from the state’s rich art resources. The goal is for students to gain access to regional art and experience classroom art lessons that:
•    facilitate deep learning and critical thinking
•    help students connect to their communities, culture, and history
•    integrate core curriculum
•    cultivate creativity and allow for meaningful expression